Do's & Don't Of Balanced Diet?


  • You've devoted yourself to drastically modify your way of life, together with the main objective of getting in shape, and furthermore acquiring a healthy human body.You start with incredible enthusiasm, following seven days, predominantly through all the enticements you face day by day.

Your food choices play a very big role about – how you feel today, tomorrow, and later on.

  • Great nutrition and a balanced diet plays a very significant role in each persons life.Joined with physical action, your eating regimen can assist you with reaching and keeping up a sound weight, diminishing danger of constant ailments (like coronary illness and disease), and advance your general wellbeing.

A balanced diet is important for all the generations and all the ages.A balanced diet should not only be concerned with becoming thin. Healthy and proper diet is necessary for living a long and happy life.

  • Earlier heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension etc were considered old age diseases. But now a days these are more predominant in middle aged and even youngsters.Teenagers prefer eating outside food. Infact many students who go away from their homes and stay in hostels mostly prefer eating in cafes and roadside food than eating in mess. Furthermore their sleeping routines and odd timings of eating creates many problems.

Amongst all this if they opt a balance diet this could bring a lot of chance in there lifestyle.Not only their health will improve but also the students will become more attentive in classrooms. They'll feel more fresh and energetic.



It is a common belief that skipping a meal would help in reducing body weight or becoming thin but this is a very big misunderstanding as it is not true.Infact, if we skip one meal then there are higher chances that we eat double in our next meal and this will have more negative than positive impacts.


Many people believe that after doing a physical activity people will consume more calories than burning which is a completely wrong statement.

A regular physical exercise is very important to stay healthy and agile. Physical fitness can be in any form be it Yoga, walking, running or lifting weights etc but it should be regular for the matter of fact. Many research studies done in this area haven't shown that individuals who exercise consume more than individuals who don't.


There are so many food myths such as:

a)POTATO MAKES YOU FAT– Many people think that carbohydrate rich food like potato, rice etc makes you fat and for reducing fats from your body you have to reduce there intake.But it is a necessary energy providing source of the body and there will be no problem in taking potato in moderate quantity.

b) FAT FREE PRODUCTS WILL HELP TO REDUCE WEIGHT– This is another big misconception but the truth is that fat free labelled foods can lead to weight gain. They have more or less same amount of calories but most of the people eat more quantity of labelled food under misconception that they have less calories and end up getting fat or gaining more weight.

c) DRINKING WHILE EATING WILL MAKE YOU FAT– The actual fact behind this is that enzymes and their digestive juices will be diluted by drinking water while eating. It will hinder the absorption which may prompt abundance muscle to fat ratio.In contrary, there is a scientific fact that drinking water while eating food improves digestion.


In the end, a balanced diet doesn't mean restricting your self from eating some specific food items or starving yourself to death.Infact a balanced diet includes all types of nutrients in a balanced amount along with regular physical exercise and a sound sleep.

ARNAV BASU is a very renowned dietician and has written various articles about keeping the body healthy through a balanced diet.should be forever clean 9 consulted to maintain a healthy body.


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