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苹果设计负责人乔纳森·艾维(jonathan ive)是设计师马克·纽森 James describes that super soldiers are created by forcing children at a very early age to endure tortuous trauma so intense that it shatters their young minds into different parts, called alters (split personalities) or disassociated conditioning. The answer is that these soldiers must often confront malevolent and terrifying extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional life forms, that are so horrible to witness that it would drive ordinary soldiers insane. However they are often used by corrupt factions within these secret groups as assassins and to perform dangerous missions ordinary soldiers are simply not trained for or have any experience with on Earth or off-world. James Casbolt writes, that in 1948, a genetic bloodline study was conducted in Britain to locate gifted children, through hospitals and schools, to be trained as espionage agents and super soldiers. James Casbolt has written a book about his experiences as Super Soldier called Agent Buried Alive, in which he details his indoctrination into Project Mannequin at the early age of five years old, based on his rare genetic attributes.

It was old, and it wasn’t well-maintained until you got your hands on it. Yes, I got him but he’s asking for money hahhaha however he’s sweet and talkative like he knows what I want. He tells us that the UFO Research community is now a controlled business run by the Intelligence Communities for money and to spread disinformation. I too, have questioned this idea, as I think this is part of disinformation campaign, that Corey’s Cabal handlers want spread, too condition humanity into thinking that along with the Blue Avians there are groups within the Secret Space Program fighting for humanities rights here on Earth. Max Spiers is and extremely popular Secret Space Program Insider and Super Soldier, who was supposedly killed in July 17, 2016, but many claim this is untrue. This was done to help them to achieve various states of super consciousness that allows for advanced remote viewing and psychic abilities to develop. He goes on to tell us that, initially drugs were used to enhance his psychic abilities, then different speed learning techniques were used and finally surgical implanted interfaces around the pineal gland to allow interaction with psychic machines designed to enhance his natural abilities.

Her training allowed her to enhance her ability to remote view targets, use telekinesis and telepathic abilities to locate targets and destroy them in the fighter craft she piloted. After spending fifteen years as a fighter pilot for the Mars Defense Force she was transferred to the Dark Fleet, as punishment for having an emotional breakdown on the battlefield and served as a navigator on a transport ship. She spent almost twenty-five years working for the Dark Fleet as a navigator and was sent back in 2014, what would have been age 59, if they didn’t use age regression technology to keep her body no older than 35. Because of her Jewish ancestry and the fact that the Dark Fleet is all German (possibly Nazi SS), she was not trusted and linked to the onboard computer the entire time she was there. After that they brought him back night after night to sing songs and he would. For years he did this night after night until the songs finally dried up, then the torture began, they would beat him and torture him endlessly, sometimes only for amusement, only stopping if he began to sing. He was put with other children who’s only purpose was to create songs.

The most common tactic is sexual abuse, rape and torture which cause the mind of the child to splinter and shatter into alters to protect itself. He tells us it is mind control and genetic manipulation program run by the NSA (National Security Agency) of the United States, known within the intelligence community as AL/499. He learned you cannot control other people or the world only your perspective of events. I think people think that I am pathetic for standing by him during this. “It’s not the same to touch yourself, but I do think that that’s helpful,” Forde says. He grew up in Canterbury, Kent and Brighton and attended the prestigious St. Edmunds School in Canterbury, before attending acting school at the same time as actor Orlando Bloom. These areas are protected with “booby-traps” and suggestive commands that make gaining access to them difficult and are often reinforced in dream time abduction scenarios, which further complicates the retrieval process. Once the person wakes up in real time the consciousness returns instantly and the clone is left lifeless. What essentially happens, is that a clone body is made of any candidate, the Illuminati wishes to use, best cam porn then when they go to sleep their consciousness is transfered to the clone body in the Cloning Center.

To further prevent subjects from regaining their memories they are conditioned to self destruct through erratic behavior, drug addiction and emotional outbursts, to basically adopt socially destructive tendencies when certain memories bleed through into their consciousness. These alter egos then can be trained, programed and conditioned to withstand enormous amounts of pain and even enjoy it, do sadistic and corrupt acts of violence, gain telepathic, telekinesis and psychic abilities, such as remote viewing and astral projection and develop photographic memories. Because even Full Disclosure won’t be enough unless we can create a completely New Paradigm of unity, unconditional love and harmony. This effect is similar to when the full moon looks bigger above the horizon behind buildings than when it is in mid-sky. Like many of the SSP whistleblowers and insiders testimony I have mentioned above he was also sold as a child to the Illuminati/Cabal or the secret Powers That Be that really run this planet, as a way for his family members to rise in rank in this dark organization. Her name is Lian & was born in New York but her family moved to Detroit a couple of years later, before residing in L.A. Also some may be content with panties or stockings, if the physical aspect is stronger, while others are more mental about it and want to transform including a female name etc. Breaking the taboo might be more exciting for very rule-oriented (raised) people in this context.


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